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CEO Message for Sustainability. The use of smart devices is expanding in a wide range of business environments. In order to effectively leverage the convenience and versatility of smart-devices in the utilization of documents and images, users are looking for flexible and secure collaboration between smart devices and multifunction products and printers. It is also able to print data residing in cloud storage and upload scanned data to cloud storage.

An access point Wi-Fi router is required for all other models.

Prostata help MP-1

Using your smart device, you can accurately select and print photographs while previewing the selections. Information that is hard to read on a smartphone small characters, tables, etc. The ability to print directly from smart devices without using a PC will speed up office workflow.

Select the file you want to print, and then select your print settings from print preview. When you are ready to print, you can release their job at the printer by using the locked print or authentication feature to ensure that the job will not be printed until they are ready to pick it up.

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More secure print management is possible when combined with device user authentication. You can also reduce unnecessary printing and control the number of pages printed. Using the scanner of a multifunction product, it is possible to save paper documents on a smart device as scanned data, so documents are readily available.

It is also possible to send scanned data to cloud storage. Since the data can then be accessed from PCs and other smart devices, it is available for use by a wide range of users.

Scanned data can, of course, be printed, and by using the transmission function of another app, it is possible to send scanned data by email. A4 xmm , A5 xmm , A3 xmm , B4 xmm , B5 xmm , 5. Login Password when User Authentication is on.

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User Code when User Authentication is on. This makes it possible for smart devices to directly communicate with multifunction products without connecting to internal networks.

Follow me style print server. The registration can be done using a Bonjour search, by specifying the host name or IP address, or by specifying the print server shared name. Download directly from the App Store using your iPhone or iPad device. To view this website correctly, please ensure you have JavaScript enabled. Some of the website layout and links may not function properly with JavaScript disabled.

Integrated Report What can Ricoh do for you? Print from a variety of sources - easily with your smart device. Print photographs and documents. Simply open the app, and then select "Print Photograph.

There may be cases where the print layout is not properly reproduced.

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You can also easily print web pages found when doing Web searches with a smart device. Print data from cloud storage. Via a smart device, it is possible to print documents and photographs saved in cloud storage. Print safely using the security functions. Printing with user authentication More secure print management is possible when combined with device user authentication. Scan paper documents so they are always close at hand. Save in smart device.

Save in cloud storage It is also possible to send scanned data to cloud storage. Save from "Import with Scanner". Save from "Scan Data Folder".

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Choose from a wide range of settings. On the setting menu, two-color printing needs to be set on. Android TM bookmarks can be shared with OS standard browser.

Refer to tab showing the models supported. Connecting via Wireless Direct. When using a Bonjour search: When specifying the host name or IP address: When specifying the print server shared name: None, Open to Left, Open to Top. Normal Print, Locked Print. Color, Black and White. Readable Direction, Non-readable Direction. Long Side, Short Side. Up to 8 alphanumeric characters. Up to 8 numeric digits.